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The Most Common Causes Of Boiler Breakdowns

Posted on by Heating Economy

As the winter months fast roll in, the skies darkening and the temperature dropping, this is the time of year when we most value our heating. Unfortunately, after months of being left unused, it’s also the time of year when our boiler is most likely to break down. It’s a cruel irony that prompts many to have their boilers serviced during the summer.

If you’ve had neither the time nor the foresight to carry out essential maintenance and find yourself with a leaking, noisy or temperamental boiler, check our list of common causes of boiler breakdown.

Inaccurate Thermostats

If your boiler never quite produces enough heat for your home, then it’s quite likely that your thermostat is the issue. They are sensitive pieces of kit, and over time they can lose accuracy. A slight knock or simple wear can require a boiler engineer to recalibrate your thermostat, or you can buy a newer, more energy-efficient thermostat at little expense.

Frozen Condensation Pipe

The newer type of condensing boilers have a condensation pipe at the back of the unit which can, if improperly insulated, become susceptible to freezing during winter. This will cause your boiler to cease working altogether, or simply cause a warning light to flash on your control panel.

Enlisting the help of our professional repair services means we can safely defrost your piping and get your boiler up and running again.

Pilot Light is Out

Pilot lights shut off to prevent an explosive build-up of gas, and can be caused by leaking gas pipes. If you smell gas you should call a boiler engineer immediately rather than attempt to relight the pilot light.

Loss of Pressure

Another type of leak that can cause you problems is leaking water pipes, but loss of pressure can also indicate that you need to replace the pressure release valve. Check your pipes for obvious signs of leakage – this issue can quickly and easily be fixed by one of our boiler engineers. Attempting to resolve this yourself can lead to boiler damage so don’t risk it – call us instead.

Strange Noises

This is normally caused by air entering the system, but can also indicate that your boiler pressure is low. Check for leaks, and call an engineer to rid you of those night-time noises.

At Heating Economy, we have many years’ experience in successfully repairing, installing and enhancing central heating systems. Call us today for a free quote and friendly expert advice.

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